Product Line-Up
Health Insurance

Equity Source offers ALL carriers in TX, FL, OK and NC

Major Medical, Dental/Vision/Accident, ETC.
Blue Cross Blue Shield

***ONLY ACA-compliant NOT major medical

*** Short Term Medical
Everest Short Term Medical
Ist Med Short Term Medical
*** Travel Insurance:
International Travel Insurance

*** Stand Alone Links:
Humana Dental and Vision
Stand Alone: Dental and Vision - Immediate Coverage Options

Life Insurance
Equity Source offers offers ALL carriers in TX, FL, OK and NC. We ALSO have the BEST life insurance carriers with options for INSTANT ISSUE online 24/7 OR Indexed Univeral Life (permanent policy) OR TERM (term of years) WITH LIVING BENEFITS BUILT IN TO VERY CHEAP RATES! 

Instant Issue Life
Guaranteed Issue Life
Final Expense - NO Underwriting
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